Kyoritsu 5406a RCD Tester

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• Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy and reliability. • 3 LEDs for checking correct wiring status. • 0 and 180 degree phase angle switch permits quick tests and consistent readings. • Digital read-out of tripping time. • Constant current source circuitry ensures that a fluctuating mains voltage does not affect the accuracy of readings. • Large custom digital display readout. • Visual indication of reversed phase and neutral wiring at socket. • Designed to IP54 Rating. • Complies with IEC 61557 • Test of a large kind of RCD’s: Standard, Selective, AC and A (DC sensitive breakers)

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Manufacturer Number: 5406A

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Kyoritsu 5406A RCD Tester Specifications:

Rated Tripping Current |10/20/30/200/300/500mA
Fault Condition Settings |x 1/2, x 1, x 5, x DC, |AUTO RAMP
Trip Current Duration |1000ms, 200ms (x5)
Lowest Resolution |1ms
Trip Time Accuracy |±0.6%rdg±4dgt
Operating Voltage |230V+10%-15% |(195V – 253V) 50Hz
Safety Standard |IEC 61557-1,-6 |IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V |IEC 61010-2-031 Pollution Degree 2
Withstand Voltage |3700V AC for 1 minute
IP Rating |IEC 60529-IP54
Dimensions |186(L) x 167(W) x 89(D)mm
Weight |800g approx.
Accessories |Molded plug test leads |Pouch for test leads |Shoulder Strap |Instruction Manual


Rated Tripping Current 10/20/30/200/300/500mA
Fault Condition Settings × 1/2, × 1, × 5, × DC,
Trip Current Duration 1000ms, 200ms (×5)
Lowest Resolution 1ms
Trip Time Accuracy ±0.6%rdg±4dgt
Operating Voltage 230V+10%-15%
(195V – 253V) 50Hz
Safety Standard IEC 61557-1,-6
IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V
IEC 61010-2-031 Pollution Degree 2
Withstand Voltage 3700V AC for 1 minute
IP Rating IEC 60529-IP54
Dimensions 167(L) × 186(W) × 89(D)mm
Weight 800g approx.
Accessories Molded plug test leads*
9121 (Shoulder Strap)
9147 (Cord case)
Instruction Manual