Ideal Electrician’s Scissors w/Stripping Notches 35-088

$33.00 inc. GST

5 ½” overall length, nickel plated constructio Designed for use in electrical and telecommunications applicationsn19 and 23 AWG strip notches built into the bladenSerrated cutting edges help grip cable jacketsnTool is not-insulated. Do not use on live circuits.

Knipex 9505155 Universal Shears 160mm

$49.00 inc. GST
  • precisely ground blades with fine serration for a clean, non-slip cut
  • cutting edge with integrated cable cutter
  • with plastic belt case
  • universal shears for electricians
  • handles with mulit-component grips, fibreglass-reinforced
  • cutting edges made from stainless steel, hardness of cutting edges 56 HRC
  • Head: polished
  • Handles: with multi-component grips, fibreglass-reinforced
  • Length: 155 mm
  • Net weight: 110 g

Weidmuller Electrician Scissors 9918230000

$29.00 inc. GST

Electrician scissors with wire cutter. Serrated blades, stainless steel, handles with soft components for secure hold. The mechanical drive and a specifically designed cutting edge shape reduce required hand forces to a minimum.