Side cutters, also known as diagonal pliers, are a type of cutting tool that are commonly used in electrical and DIY projects. They are designed to provide clean and precise cuts on wires and other materials. Side cutting pliers have a diagonal cutting edge that allows them to reach tight spaces and cut wires at different angles using considerably less force. They are made of high-quality materials such as heat-treated chrome vanadium steel, which provides durability and strength for a long life. 

Sparky Tools offers a wide range of side cutter pliers in various sizes and designs, ensuring that customers can find the right tool for their specific needs. Whether you are a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, side cutters are an essential tool that can help you to accomplish your projects with precision and ease.

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If you're looking for high-quality side cutting pliers for your next electrical or DIY project, look no further than Sparky Tools. Our selection of side cutters is designed to meet the needs of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, offering superior cutting performance, durability, and comfort. 

Our side cutters are made from premium materials such as chrome vanadium steel, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of frequent use. With a range of sizes and designs available, you can find the right tool for your specific needs. Our side cutters offer precise cutting and are ideal for use on wires, cables, and other materials. Don't compromise on quality – choose Sparky Tools for your cutting needs and get the job done right the first time.

Side Cutting Pliers FAQ

What type of tool is a side cutter?

A side cutter pliers, also referred to as diagonal pliers, wire cutters, diagonal cutting pliers, diagonal cutters, dikes, or Nippy cutters, is a type of pliers designed specifically for cutting wire. Unlike other pliers that are used for grabbing or turning objects, side cutting pliers are specifically designed to cut through wires and other materials. With their sharp, angled blades, side cutters provide high leverage and precise cutting and are an essential tool for anyone working with wires and cables.

What is a side cutter used for?

Side cutters are a versatile tool used for cutting wire and component leads in electronics, as well as stripping insulation. Stripping the outer layer of insulation from wires is an important step in electrical work, as it exposes the conductors without damaging them. 

A good pair of side cutters can make this task quick and easy, while their angled head allows a precise and clean cut. Whether you"re a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, a quality pair of side cutter pliers is an essential addition to your toolkit.

Side cutters are an essential tool for anyone working in the electrical or electronics fields, as well as for DIY enthusiasts who frequently work with wires and cables. Side cutting pliers come in a variety of sizes and designs, including those with insulated handles for added safety, and are often made from high-quality materials for durability and longevity.

How do I properly use side cutting pliers

Side cutting pliers are commonly used for cutting and gripping wires, cables, and other small objects. To use them properly, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right size pliers for the task at hand.
  2. Position the pliers so that the object to be cut is between the jaws of the pliers.
  3. Apply pressure to the handles to close the jaws and cut the object.
  4. Be careful not to cut too close to any live wires or other objects that could cause injury or damage.
  5. After use, clean and store the pliers in a safe place.

Note that side cutting pliers should not be used to cut hard materials like nails, bolts, or screws, as this can damage the cutting edges of the pliers. It"s also important to wear safety glasses or goggles when using pliers to protect your eyes from flying debris.

What is the difference between diagonal cutters and side cutters?

Both of these tools are known for their sturdiness and longevity, making them ideal for demanding professional tasks. The main distinction between the two is that diagonal cutters provide greater control and are typically more appropriate for precise, intricate cutting jobs, while side cutters are particularly well-suited for providing maximum strength for larger-scale tasks.

What can side cutters cut?

Side cutter pliers are specifically designed for cutting wires and electronic components. They can also be used for stripping insulation from wires. It is important to use them carefully to avoid nicking or damaging the conductors underneath the insulation, which can lead to a poor connection or even a short circuit. Some side cutters are specifically designed for cutting harder materials such as nails or screws, but they are generally not recommended for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Fluke INDC8 – Insulated Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter

$75.00 inc. GST

Nominal length: 8 in., 200 mm
Cuts hard materials including steel and piano wire
Power joint and precision cutting edges
German CMV steel

Sparky Tools Diagonal Cutter 110mm ST110

$5.95 inc. GST

The diagonal blade arrangement allows these cutters to get really close to a PCB so you can trim solder leads off at the base. A must have for any through hole soldering.

Size: 4″ (110mm)

Return Spring

Diagonal cutter

Sparky Tools Side Cutter Flush 129mm ST129

$5.95 inc. GST

The ST129 is a full flush side Cutting Pliers with features an exceptionally clean smooth cut, light-weight and easy to handle. This cutter has 1.3mm (16AWG) maximum capacity and it is particularly finished in consideration of its use in the electronic field and for thousands of finishing cuts of leads.
9.5mm Jaw length

TEKTROM 150CRV Cutter Flush 150mm CRV

$9.67 inc. GST

flush cutting nippers for beaders, jewellers, electricians and
Spring coil design for a continuously cutting job.
Weight: 120g
Length: 160mm

Tested in Australia

TEKTROM HJ1016 150mm Diagonal Cutter

$9.95 inc. GST

Diagonal cutting blades. Light and compact structure design ensure perfect cutting effect. #55 quality steel construction. With handy return spring.
Capacity: 4mm2
Length: 155mm
Tested in Australia

TEKTROM HS0717 Flush Diagonal Cutter 190mm

$9.95 inc. GST

Flush diagonal cutting blades. Light and compact structure design ensure perfect cutting. #55 quality steel construction.
Cutting Capacity: 10mm2 copper
Length: 190mm
Tested in Australia

TEKTROM HS109 Flush Diagonal Cutter 125mm

$4.95 inc. GST

Flush diagonal cutting blades. Light and compact structure design ensure perfect cutting effect. #55 quality steel construction.
Capacity: 1.50 mm2
Length: 125mm
Tested in Australia

Wiha diagonal cutters Classic with DynamicJoint® 180mm 41261

$19.95 inc. GST

The plier joint with DynamicJoint® ensures hand force is optimally applied when cutting, providing up to 40% greater cutting force. With their semi-circular head, these powerful pliers also guarantee a clean cut edge. The heavy-duty diagonal cutters are especially suited to applications in the field of mechanics.
Power-assisted all-round diagonal cutter for cutting soft to extremely hard wires and cables.