Ideal Feed Thru RJ-45 Modular Plug Kit 33-1245

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Plano kit for terminating RJ-45 modular plugs to twisted pair cablenIncludes FT-45™ Feed-Thru Modular Plug Crimp Tool (30-495), PrepPRO® stripper (45-605), scissors (35-088), CAT5e & CAT6 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs and Plano case.nCrimps standard, Feed-Thru and shielded CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A modular plugs

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The 33-1245 Feed-Thru RJ-45 Modular Plug Kit includes the necessary tools to cut, strip and terminate RJ-45, 8P8C modular plugs to twisted pair cabling. The tools in the kit are designed to work together with CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A cabling. The FT-45™ crimp tool is a compact, lightweight crimper that provides a flush cut on IDEAL Feed-Thru modular plugs. It is also compatible with standard (non-Feed-Thru) and shielded co ectors. The PrepPRO stripper utilizes a fixed depth blade to score the jacket of twisted pair cable without nicking the i er conductors. Scissors are included for cutting off old co ector ends and trimming the cable or conductors to size.