TEKTROM FOC125 Fibre Optic Cleaning Pen 1.25mm 800 Cleans

$25.00 inc. GST

Up to
800 cleans for 1.25mm
Easy push mechanism
Cleans and frees any contaminants
Tested in Australia

Leaves our Australian Warehouse in 3 days

UPC/EAN: 4260727810801

Manufacturer Number: FOC125

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The TEKTROM TEKFOC125 is recommended For best optical performance it is important that all optical fibre connections are clean and free of contaminants. CLIFF have two fibre optic pen cleaner tools for use with all common types of fibre connectors and adaptors. Convenient and easy to use push click action and robust sturdy construction, the pens have a dry cleaning strand that gently sweeps and removes harmful contaminants from the connector without damaging the end face.

Push click handheld cleaner tool.
800 clean cycles.
1.25 mm cleaner for use with MU and LC connectors.
Cleans UPC and APC connector ferrules (with guide cover in place) and adaptors (with guide cover removed).
Extendable cleaning head for hard to reach situations.

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